Power yoga – you’ve probably heard the name before, and maybe you’ve even given it a try. Whether your friend has been urging you to go or you’re looking for something new in your fitness routine, it’s a wonderful balance between getting strong and lowering stress levels.

By Abby Cronin

Power yoga is considered a the Western version of Ashtanga, which is an Indian yogic practice that is performed by millions across the globe. Power yoga places great emphasis on the development of physiological flexibility. It also teaches the virtue of self-discipline, which can help you in all areas of your life even outside of your yoga class!


Power yoga got its name for a reason. Poses that are usually performed slowly in traditional yoga classes are performed at a much higher intensity. This means you’re not only going to break a sweat, you’ll also be improving your cardiovascular health and flexibility in the process!

The routines performed in power yoga also focus heavily on breathing patterns termed “Vinyasas” by traditional Indian yogis. Typically, each pose will be held for 5 breaths before moving onto the next. These breathing exercises are performed with the thought that “every action is capable of yielding grace and unity.”

While this all may sound intimidating, beginners are encouraged to begin their power yoga journey as slowly as they need to. Building up your physical fitness and flexibility over time will be key to avoiding injury.

While there are a great host of physical benefits that come with power yoga, another reason it has become so popular is due to its head-clearing powers. The moves performed during a traditional Ashtahnga practice promote a sense of mental stability and concentration. Focusing on not falling over is bound to overtake any thoughts about emails or annoying co-workers!

So there you have it- a fitness trend that’s actually worth the hype! Try out a power yoga session with a friend or on your own for something new and reap the benefits of this holistic, age-old practice.