It’s one of those things that we all notice but no one ever seems to talk about- body hair. Recently, body hair removal (or lack thereof) has proven to be a subject that extends outside the bathroom. Celebrity icons from Miley Cyrus to Madonna have embraced their body hair and in the process taught us that sometimes it’s okay to ditch the razor. Whether or not you choose to shave it, you’ve probably come across hair growing on at least one of these places!

By Abby Cronin

  1. Your Upper Lip
    For all of us darker-haired ladies out there, this one’s for you. Personally, I feel like this one isn’t as noticeable from far away, so I choose to leave it. After all, I’d rather not risk the inevitable ingrown hair to-be that will surely turn up after taking a razor to it. Embrace your stylin’ stash without shame!
  2. Your Nipples
    This one is truly perplexing, but it happens for a reason…we just aren’t sure of exactly what it is. While scientists say that it is extremely common to find hairs growing on the areolae (nipples), it’s another part of being a human that probably came from our ancestors. So while it is a little weird seeing hair there now, it may have been helpful to our distant relatives during the ice age.
  3. Below Your Belly Button
    Otherwise known as the “happy trail”, we’re not always so happy to find these little guys below our belly buttons. But others, including famous musician and model Julia Cumming, are learning to embrace their tummy trail! Her recent Instagram post featured a post-workout pic with the caption reading “anyone else learning to love their HAPPY TRAIL? One of my first boyfriends shamed me so bad for growing hair on my stomach that it still hurts to think about. screw anyone who doesn’t love the hair ya grow #bye”.
  4. Your Butt
    When you think of the butt as an extension of the leg, it’s only logical you’d grow hair there, too. Both the butt cheeks and anus are susceptible to hair growth, but we definitely would not recommend Nair for the latter!
  5. Your Knuckles
    While this hair growth often results from our genetics, it never fails to make you feel somewhat primal. What scientists believe to be a left-over trait from our ape-like ancestors, hair growth on your knuckles really does’t serve a purpose for us. Unlike shaving some other hard-to-reach body parts, knuckle hair is a quick and easy job that will only take you a few seconds in the shower.

  6. Your Toes
    Similar to the hairy knuckle situation, toes are another common place we grow hair that we may not even notice. Take a razor to it or let it be, toe hair is another one of those weird but equally harmless places you may find some fuzz.
  7. Your Chin
    While some of these other body hair growth locations kind of make sense, hair on your chin is as annoying as it is useless. Though its purpose isn’t practical, chin hair could be a signal of a bigger problem happening internally. Sometimes hair growth on the chin in women can signal a hormonal imbalance or even PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). So while you can just do the old pluck-it-and-forget-it, it may be something to take into consideration if you’re having other symptoms of hormonal imbalance.